Voyager Overview


Voyager is a Video-on-Demand (VoD)/Video Streaming Solution for either video over IP or video over broadcast/cable networks. Voyager provides a complete VoD experience and provides users with all the tools to provide a complete turnkey solution for one of many applications. Voyager transforms digital video into an effective desktop tool for training, communications, entertainment or security applications helping to deliver high-impact information and entertainment where and when it is needed.

No matter what your business - education, commerce, industry, entertainment - when you need to get the word out think digital video. Video and audio, together with images, text and graphics, can convey complex information and processes with ease. Create a lasting impression that's effective for your applications and solutions with the power of Voyager.

Voyager transports multimedia into digital form, which can be distributed over any public or private network. For TV and PC based entertainment applications, Voyager can be used as a common platform for streaming to both PC’s (over IP) and TV’s (over IP or broadcast).

Voyager also provides a powerful integrated content management solution. With Voyager’s Content Management and Web Applications, all of your digital media management requirements are met.

Voyager’s Management Applications enhances digital media by delivering digital audio and video over the Internet or intranet, using conventional web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Instead of waiting for data to download to your hard drive, Voyager uses standards-based streaming technology to deliver real-time multimedia data to multiple users - simultaneously or at once. Give your users the ability to access digital media either when they want, through Video-on-Demand, or live through a multi-cast.

The unique advantages that Voyager provides is a total environment in which digital media is loaded, catalogued, and viewed through a web browser, no need to learn database systems or Unix. There are no applications to program, no web pages to code and no client applications to distribute. It is a robust digital media system that enables organizations to load and stream media immediately.

Who Uses Voyager

Leading edge companies, studios, educators and IP service providers (satellite and terrestrial) use Voyager to improve access to multimedia content, enhance information, educate and train employees.

Voyager is easily integrated into existing networks, and can be configured and administered remotely from any computer with a web browser. Voyager even manages the amount of bandwidth required for media streams and takes full advantage of IP technology.

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