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Section A: Voyager feedback


1. Are you the system’s administrator or user?
administrator user


2. How many times per month do you use Voyager ?
1-5   5-20   20 +


3. Is the system easy to use?
Easy   Average   Difficult


4. Did the system require a lot of initial training time?
Yes   No


If you are the administrator of the system, please answer the following questions.
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5. How many users currently have access to the system?


6. How many people generally use the system simultaneously?


7. What type of network is the system operating on?


8. Does the system require a considerable amount of maintenance from your part or personnel?
Yes   No


9. How would you rate the following features:

  Very good Good Fair Bad Not applicable
Tag/Clip creation
Player controls
(e.g. pause/play)
Title management


10. How would you rate the system globally?
Very good   Good   Fair   Bad


11. Would you recommend the "Voyager" system to someone? Explain?


Section B: Marketing feedback


12. How would you rate Callisto’s customer support services?
Very good   Good   Fair   Bad


How could we improve?


13. How would you rate the "Voyager User Guide"?
Very good   Good   Fair   Bad


14. Have you had a chance to go through the Callisto web site? If so, how would you rate the Callisto web site in regards to the following features?

  Very good Good Fair Bad Not applicable
to navigate
Ease of finding
relevant information


15. General comments on the Callisto web site:


16. General comments


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