Voyager Q & A


If your question is not answered in the following section, please contact our support team at 819-770-5738, ext. 101 or via e-mail at: support@callisto.ca.

1. What PC configuration is recommended to support the video delivery service?

System Requirements depends on whether MPEG2 is required or not.

Minimum of Pentium 500 MHz Processor with 128 MB of RAM (256 Recommended)
Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
Modem or Ethernet network interface

2. Do I require any hardware MPEG decoder to view videos?

For Pentium class machines, all video decoding for MPEG1 is done in software. For MPEG2 decoding a hardware decoder that is compatible with Windows media player is required or with PCs with DVD players or higher end systems, software decoding will do.

3. What should I have running on my PC before installing the Voyager client plug-in?

You will require the following:

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6;
Netscape 6;
Microsoft Media Player version 8.;
Sun Java plug-in.

You can find all the latest Callisto client releases and links at www.callisto.ca We recommend that you first download and install the browsers then the Microsoft Media Player.

4. How do I install the Callisto Video Client?

The first thing to do is to download the client. The latest client release can be found at www.callisto.ca. Download into a temporary file (note the location). You must now go to file manager or explorer to locate the file and execute. (Double click on file). The files will self install - please follow instructions. If this is the first time you are installing this client, you may have to reboot your machine you will be told to if required. For future client releases or upgrades this will not be necessary.

As soon as the system is back up - you will be able to play videos in either Microsoft Explorer or the Netscape browser.

5. I have downloaded and setup the video client, as instructed, but get a blank screen when trying to play a video.

If you do not have Windows 98, 2000 or XP, but are using Windows 95 - you may not have a version of the Windows Media Player installed on your PC. You can check - Programs - Accessories - Multimedia to see. There should be a link to Windows Media Player. If this is not the case you must download from Microsoft and install the media player and then reinstall the Callisto client. The Media player will then instruct you to reboot your machine.

6. I have set everything up according to instructions provided, yet when I try to play a video all I get is a blank video screen.

Check in the lower left hand corner of the browser. If there is a “resetting” message and a counter displaying increasingly higher numbers, try turning off any virus checker you may have running. In some PCs this will occasionally occur when the combination of memory, CPU and video bit rate is such that the virus checker cannot keep up with checking the complete stream of video and simultaneously render the video on the PC monitor. Turn the virus checker off and try again.

7. I cannot log onto the Voyager system.

Check with your system administrator that your name and password have been set up and the proper access privileges allowed. Please remember that logging into the system is "Case Sensitive".

8. I am viewing video, but it is stuttering.

Check the bandwidth availability at your site/home and the bit rate of the video to make sure you have adequate bandwidth to view the requested video. In addition, if you are sharing the connection with others in your organization or home, you may not have access to the full bandwidth necessary to view the file. There is an inherent Quality of Service (QoS) feature in the video client, but it can only compensate for a fluctuation in bandwidth for a limited period of time.